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Coad-Coade-Coode Family Research
Coad Blacksmith Shop
Coad Blacksmith Shop
Polperro, Cornwall


Welcome Researchers

What is the Coad List?

COAD Surname List is a messaging service provide by It provides a central place to exchange information, share research and genealogy sources with fellow Coad-list members; a place for you to get help with your family research or give help to those who may need it; this communication should aid you in finding and connecting with your COAD, COADE, COODE & CODE ancestors.

The COAD-LIST encourages the discussion of your family history and lore. The sharing of birth places, census data, wills, letters, deeds and vital records is not only encouraged, but fundamental to the success of Coad-List.

This is all accomplished by "posting messages" on the list for members to respond to. It is no more difficult than sending an email message.



Subscribe and become a Member

To subscribe is easy, just send a one word text message, via email:(type the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the "Subject" box of your email or text message. Send this message to this email address: You will be automatically subscribed and will receive a confirmation message.


How to Post a Message

Posting a message is as simple as sending an email or plain text message to this email address: This is how COAD List members communicate by posting new queries or replying to messages from other members. Whenever anyone sends a email message to the List, all subscribers receive a copy of every query and/or reply.Please DO NOT post any personal information on living persons, i.e. dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc. If you have personal family info you want to share with another member, that should not be for public viewing, please do so by private email (PM). PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL MESSAGES CAN BE VIEWED BY ANYONE ON THE INTERNET.